Connecting Up The Colonel

With Dawn’s fantastic puppetry complete and most of the drive mechanism done it is time to bring Colonel Rutherford to life by linking the puppet to the mechanism. Colonel Rutherford’s movement is fairly straightforward. He moves his hand as if sketching then stops and looks up at his subject, in this case, a camel who’s shadow is visible on the box top.
rutherford-a04The motion is controlled by two cams located under the scenery, one controlling the drawing hand, the other controlling the head. I’m fitting cam followers (not shown here) which will then pull and push on a wire connected to the relevant part.rutherford-a05The wire moving the hand lifts up and down, I need the hand itself to move back and forth so I’ve made a bell crank to change the direction of movement.

The parts of the bell crank are made from wire shaped with pliers and wire cutter.rutherford-a01


The small staples hold the wire to the hand, the other end connects to the edge of the table.rutherford-a02

The wire push rod connects to a loop on the heel of the hand.rutherford-a03Et voila!





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