Linking Links

I’ve used quite a few links made from stiff brass wire – approx 1.5mm diameter. You can see one of them highlighted here in the Mary Chambers model. They are quick and easy to use but do have their own problems.
link-05To use the wire links I make a loop at each end with a pair of pliers  I can then thread a screw through the loop and into the model making a rotating joint.

Two problems that I’ve run up against:

First, it is very difficult to make fine changes to the length. Shortening a link can be just about done by adding some bends into the wire or by re-curling the end loop but it is not easy do do accurately.

Second, I’ve run the wire through a hole drilled in the base board, if I need to take the link out for any reason I either have to cut the wire or unfold the loop at one end. Neither of which are very satisfactory.

Here’s my attempt at a solution. I found a three amp connecting block strip in the  shed.


Cut off one section and cut away the insulation plastic with a pair of side cutters.


Leaving the brass block and two screws.


Perfect! Thread the link wire in from each end and tighten the screws. Simply unscrew to make adjustments or to remove the link completely. Ta daa!



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