Making Up Weight

As part of the movement of the Catherine Marshall model the suffragette character raises her head to look at the donkey. I have attached a pull wire at the back of her head. Most of the weight of the head is at the front so the pull wire needs a counter weight to make it work.
weight-11Here’s the bottom end of the pull wire. It is connected to a cam follower (the cam is actually not fitted in this picture) the weight on the end of the cam follower is cast from lead. Here’s how:weight-12

I took two blocks of 2×1 and clamped them together. Right in the middle I drilled a 20mm diameter hole stopping about 10mm short of the far side.weight-01

I made a staple from wire to act as the weight hanger. The ends are 10mm apart.weight-02

On the other side of the block I’ve drilled a 5mm deep 20mm diameter hole then two small holes for the staples then threaded the staple into position.weight-03

From the underside you can see how the staple fits into position.weight-05

In a suitable pan I melted some scrap lead using a blow torch.weight-06

Once melted I poured it into the mold filling it right to the top.weight-07

After leaving it to cool for a few minutes I unscrewed the clamps to reveal the completed weight. Ta daa!weight-08

I made a short Instagram video showing the entire process in just 15 seconds! Click the picture to see it!weight-10

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