Mary Chambers Automata



I delivered the completed Mary Chambers model to Archives yesterday. I’ve painted the base white making the gears stand out nicely. The mechanism is working well so far – we’ll be testing it out over the next few days to see how it stands up to rigorous use. Fingers crossed. Check out the YouTube video here:

The various gears fit rather neatly into this single arch. From left to right the various gears drive first the oars, next the bobbing motion of the boat and finally the swishing back and forth of the waves.




The 12v electric motor has a built in gear box reducing the speed to 145rpm – a reasonable starting point to drive the wooden gears.mary-a05


The fastest output speed is used to drive the rocking motion of the waves, The waves are linked to the drive shaft by a brass wire. The thickness of the wire gives a nice balance between stiffness and flexibility.mary-a03


Looking good I think you’ll agree!mary-a04

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