Here’s a sneak peek at some of Dawn’s awesome puppetry soon to be brought to life with some fiendish mechanicals!

Lady Guildford – titular resident of the Carlisle Archive building – Lady Guildford was an enthusiastic knitter. In this automata she will be regally perched in her chair knitting furiously whilst her two dogs worry the balls of wool at her feet. puppetry-a02


puppetry-a03 puppetry-a04
So cute!

Here’s the drive mechanism for Lady Guildford. The two small gears on the sides drive the dogs intermittently, Lady Guildford’s knitting is driven via a small gear hidden behind the main gear. The motor drive fits at the front – shown in pink on the picture.


Master of all he surveys, Joseph Pocklington, will be inspecting his treasures through his telescope.puppetry-a05

His friend Peter Crossthwaite will be dusting his collection of curiosities.


Here a few of the ‘coming next’ group.


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