In the initial planing we talked about how the automata in the Archive Project would be driven. We decided against manually turning a crank handle because we were worried about damage caused by over-vigourous cranking, clock work was out for practical reasons leaving electric motors.  Some of the twenty models proposed need to be sited away from mains electrics so we plan to use 12v rechargeable batteries as the power source. I’ve sourced a suitable motor that is both powerful and runs quietly. The output shaft is 6mm in diameter and it runs at 145rpm, roughly two and a half turns a second. Pretty innit!? motor-a05

Now it needs a suitable mount.

motor-a01Here’s the cradle I’ve come up with, made from 3mm thick laser cut plywood. Notice the segmented segment in the cradle section. The gear box section of the motor sits here, the segments are glued into place and provide a surface to which the motor can be clamped.

motor-a03The motor fits in the cradle and a gear connects to the output shaft.


The whole thing is clamped together with a jubilee clip allowing the motor to be removed and replaced in necessary.