Battery Base

Each Automata in the Archive Project stands on plinth and will be covered with a protective glass case. Mounted in the plinth will be a coin slot. Tokens fed into the coin slot will trigger the performance of the automata.

Some of the plinths will be near to a ready supply of mains electricity but others will need to be self contained. I’ve opted to use a fairly meaty 12v lead acid battery as the power supply to maximise the time between charges. The batteries are heavy. Nearly 2kg in this case, so they need to be secured to the inside of the plinth.

I’ve constructed this battery holder on the laser cutter. It is shown here clamped up as the glue holding the three layers together, dries.¬†battery-a05

A top view of the base shows that it is a shallow tray. Four small  rectangular slots on the base allow two zip ties to the threaded into place.battery-a01

Viewed from the underside you can see the two long slots where the ties fit. You can just make out the small holes at the end of each slot.battery-a02

Two long cable ties thread into place…battery-a03

…and the battery is secured. The finished assembly is screwed down inside the plinth and ready to go.battery-a04